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We have moved! From 1st March 2017, we are in a new office. The address is shown at the bottom of this page.

Brief History

As our name implies we are about growing churches and particularly independent and evangelical churches. To do so we:

  • Owning and acting as trustee of church properties

  • Letting properties to growing churches

  • Offering professional property advice and Architectural services

  • Giving guidance on church governance and charity law

  • Support church planting

Previously through Stewardship and UKET we have for over a century held brethren and other independent church properties. We have our roots in the past and our vision for the future. (for more on our history click). We are keen for our services to be available to as many churches as possible and you will also find many free briefing papers to keep you up to date with the latest legislation.

Tip of the month

Tip of the month

Locked in?

Are there any parts of your premises where you could be locked in? Security against intruders is essential but just as important is the need to be able to escape from any part of the building in case of a fire without needing a key. This doesn’t... read more>>>

DVD making an impact

Church Growth Trust launched its latest video "Warehouse or Winebar" in 2015 and it has had positive feedback.

Church Growth Trust
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Tel: 01536 201339
Email: enquiries@churchgrowth.org.uk 

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